Stackhouse Knives

Blacksmithing Evening Workshops
3hrs  / $50  (including materials)

This is an evening beginners class, where you will learn to to forge steel and get a feel for the medium starting with mild steel and learning how steel moves under the hammer and anvil 

You will have full access to Shea's studio, the induction will cover basic use of the forge, blacksmithing tools, grinding and cutting tools and standard workshop health & safety practices.

It is not necessary to have previous experience in forging for this course!


*This class will cover:

  • Health and Safety around the workshop learn to work safety and confidently around fire and heat .

  • Basic introduction to forging techniques and working steel 

  • There are no goal oriented outcomes for the class, this foundation class is about "learning by doing" to build a skill base to lead in to project making such as our "knife making"  and  "Damascus steel classes"