Stackhouse Knives

 Chefs knife making workshop
2 Days / $350 (includes materials)

This class focuses on creating a unique hand crafted kitchen knife.

You will have full access to Shea's studio, the induction will cover standard workshop health & safety practices, basic use of the forge, blacksmithing tools, grinding and cutting tools.

No previous experience needed!


This class will cover:

Day 1

  • Forging
    You will be drawing out the steel (this will depend on what kind of steel your working with) and forging the profile of your knife.

  • Grinding and sanding
    You will be using the angle grinder and belt sander to refine your knife profile, remove forge marks and clean back your blade.

  • Choose handle materials
    Select a handle material from our stocks or bring your own timber/handle material. Pick a fitting material, usually brass or perspex, and cut a slot for the tang of the blade.

  • Heat treating the blade
    The knife will be hardened and tempered to give it the hardness, toughness and flexibility it needs to perform as a knife.

Day 2

  • Handle making
    You will measure the handle material to fit the tang, glue the handle and use the belt sander to shape it to the desired size.

  • Hand sanding
    Using sandpaper, sand the timber to a smooth finish, making sure to round sharp angles.

  • Polishing and sharpening
    Finally, you will polish your blade and it will be sharpened the blade ready for use.

This class takes six students