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Custom Orders

Most of the Items in our main gallery our custom orders, made to clients specifications. If you would like to make a custom order please read through the process below and then fill out our order form.

Order Process

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On initial inquiry, we will give an estimated price based on your description, we may ask for reference images or further information about your order. This estimate is our 'best guest' at the cost and may be subject to change. 

If you choose to go ahead with the order we will discuss your options around materials and design. We may offer alternatives should the materials/product you are interested be unavailable at this time. When the job details are confirmed we will provide you with an itemised quote outlining all costs and timeframes for your custom order and a design draft (if applicable).

Order Confirmation
Upon written confirmation that you are happy with the design/quote and we have received your deposit we will begin work on your order. Any timeframes outlined will start from this date.
Please note: Once production has started we can't make any changes to your order.

On completion of your order, we will provide visual evidence, through photo, video or in person.

When we have received the final payment for your order it will be couriered to you as per your packaging and shipping requirements.

If upon viewing the evidence of completion, or receiving the physical product, you have any issues with the product we will do our best to resolve this promptly.

Terms and Conditions

To begin production we must have written confirmation from you to proceed with the order. 

We require a minimum 20% deposit to begin work on your order. This deposit is non refundable. This is a show of commitment to your order, to prevent cancellations and/or drastic changes to an order once production has begun.

Changing Your Custom Order
Due to the nature of our manufacturing process we cannot make changes once we have received order confirmation and production has begun.


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Postal Address
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