Stackhouse Knives

Damascus Steel Workshops

Stackhouse knives currently offers one Damascus steel workshop as weekend class.

If you would like to attend a different kind of class, or the available dates don’t suit you, get in touch in we can arrange a custom class for you.

In this 1 day course you will be taken through the full process of fusing and folding your stack of metal, to creating and patterning a 100 layered billet..


This class will cover:

After an introduction to metallurgy and the theory of pattern making, you will begin forge welding a 20 layered billet of 1070 and 15N20 steel using the power hammer. Once fused into a single block and drawn out it will be cut into 5 pieces, re-stacked, welded and then drawn out again to produce 100 layers.

The billet will then be surface textured to create your chosen pattern and then ground down to a thin plate. At this point a etching your billet in acid will help reveal the pattern.

From this class students can continue on to a knife making class, a blacksmithing class or receive private tutoring for a specific project.

Please note: This is NOT a knife making class. If you would like to make a knife from your Damascus billet following this weekend please book into a knife making class as well.

There is a limit of six places per course.